Thanks for your interest in PIGINOR artisan garden tools. 

PIGINOR tools are made in Oregon by the artisans at Red Pig Garden Tools. Our tools are made of steel and wood. If you use them as intended and maintain them, they will last for many years and if they don't we will fix them or replace them. All PIGINOR tools can be sharpened by hand using a file, and have been tested by real world use for many years by expert gardeners. 

PIGINOR is a limited edition line of tools available to independent garden centers, artisan and hand-made goods retailers, museums and cultural organizations, flower shops and other businesses who wish to provide their local customers with high quality, unique garden tools. We welcome inquires from from retailers providing excellent service and high quality products to their local market who are interested in carrying PIGINOR tools in their store(s), as well as from non-profits and organizations (such as garden clubs, schools, religious organizations, etc.) who would like to offer them as part of a fundraising effort. 

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